After a long season of a quiet theatre building on campus, this year we were hopeful for a return and that a show would be possible. In the spring I discovered a versatile adaptation of “A Christmas Carol Radio Version” that made it possible for us to try out the new venture of recording for radio and perform the show live!  We started recording in September and have partnered with KYNO for broadcast of our show on December 12, 19 & 23.

Listen to the complete recording below!

Once we finished recording in October, it was on to editing and adding all the right sounds to fill out the performance. We sat down for a full listen of the 40-minute broadcast last week and were all intrigued with what magic can be created with invested storytelling.





Anou Her as Peter, Heavenly Manquero as Martha, Dezrei Heinz as Mrs. Cratchit, Adam Khouzam as Bob Cratchit


Next, we were on to the live show! The show is set as a Hollywood 1940’s outdoor performance of the same radio broadcast. We had the opportunity to add the style of 1940’s, and the actor’s job is twofold, to play both the 1940’s radio actor and the characters of “A Christmas Carol”. Focusing on voice work all semester has helped the student performers find their character through their sound in impressive ways. These 1940’s radio actors are just as interesting as the play itself. Come witness the live sound making and the art of acting on radio live!

Listen to the complete Radio Broadcast below:

Along with that, we’ve created an outdoor performance setting for celebrating the holidays, beautiful 1940’s costumes and a Holiday Faire with some British fare from Union Jacks food truck, Tea Time Bakery along with Everyday Kneads and Raw Fresno. Join us for holiday shopping, food, treats and continual entertainment from 12-4 on Sat Dec. 4th!

The traditional themes of gratitude that appear in “A Christmas Carol” have been a gift to our cast. We have approached our return to the theatre with a sense a gratitude and appreciation for our time to together and the chance to share our joy with others.


See you on Dec. 4th to celebrate the arts and the holidays!